Some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers

What's included in the room prices?
Room prices include: the overnight stay; daily cleaning service and change of towels; buffet breakfast; outdoor car park; a space on the beach including sun bed, beach umbrella and deckchair; access to swimming pools; taxes (except for tourist taxes); Wi-Fi internet connection throughout the hotel.
Is it possible to pay by credit card?
Yes. We accept all major credit cards: Visa; MasterCard; Maestro and CartaSì; American Express and Diners.
Is paying by credit card secure?
Your booking is absolutely secure and all your personal information is encrypted and handled with the utmost discretion. 
You will be asked to provide your credit card details (number and expiry date) as a guarantee: the Hotel reserves the right to confirm the validity of the credit card ahead of your arrival, requesting authorisation from the circuit to which it belongs, for an amount equal to that envisaged for a no-show or late cancellation.
Reservations made with details that are incorrect, missing or invalid will not be confirmed, i.e. they are not confirmed and therefore not assured.
How do I know if my reservation has been confirmed?
As soon as you have completed your reservation, you will receive confirmation email containing a summary of your stay.
What happens if the reservation is cancelled?
Reservations made directly via the www.edenhoteljesolo.it, without having taken advantage of the special offers, can be cancelled or modified up to three days before your date or arrival and before 4.00 pm, without incurring any penalty charges. 
What happens if I don’t turn up, leave early, cancel or change things beyond the deadline?
Reservations can be cancelled up to 3 days before the anticipated arrival, without any incurring any costs. Late cancellations or no-shows will be charged the equivalent cost of the first night's stay. Late arrivals or early departures will be charged the equivalent cost of the entire stay booked
This amount will be charged to the credit card for which the details were provided at the time of booking.
For the other offers, please refer to the cancellation policy for the particular promotional offer chosen.
At what time is it possible to arrive at the hotel? By what time does the room have to be vacated on the day of departure?
Guests can check-in between 2.00 pm and 9.00 pm on the day of arrival. Guests arriving after 9.00 pm are asked to notify us in advance so that we can organise your arrival.
Rooms must be vacated before 10.30 am on the day of departure. 
Guests are asked to contact us ahead of their arrival if they have any special requirements and our staff will be more than happy to help.
Is it possible to check-out in the late evening? 
Guests are asked to contact our staff in advance if they have any special requirements
- by telephone on +39 0421 372433 
- by email at info@edenhoteljesolo.it 
Do you have reserved car parking? How much does it cost?
There is a large, open-air car park adjacent to the hotel that is for the exclusive use of our guests. Alternatively, we can offer you a parking space at the Aquileia Car Park. By paying a deposit of €20.00 guests will receive a card to display in the vehicle and another for entering and leaving this car park with which we have a special arrangement.< These cards must be returned when checking out.
Can you supply children's cots in the room? How much do they cost?
Yes. If you are bringing baby with you, we’ll arrange for you to find a comfortable cot in your room when you arrive. This will cost you and additional €11.00 per night.
Do you have any rooms for smokers? 
No. All our rooms are no-smoking. We do however have large terraces with tables and chairs where it is possible to smoke.
Do your online rates include breakfast?
Breakfast is always included in the price of a room. 
The cost of an additional breakfast is €8.00 for adults and €5.00 for children.
When is breakfast served?
We serve a buffet breakfast between 7.30 am and 10.00 am every morning.
Does the Hotel Eden also provide Internet access? 
Internet connection via the Hotel's Wi-Fi network is available throughout the building and for your entire stay. Simply ask Reception for an access password and once you’ve logged on you’ll be able to use the internet with no time limits and free of charge.
How much does Internet connection cost?
Wi-Fi connection is free to all the guests staying at the Hotel Eden.
Do you have any restrictions with regard to pets? 
Small-sized pets are allowed. Our staff is available to discuss your own particular requirements.
How much does a sun bed on the beach cost?
The price for each room includes a space on the beach and the use of a sun bed, a beach umbrella and a deckchair. 
How much does a poolside sun bed cost?
Our poolside sun beds are totally free of charge.
Are guests entitled to take advantage of special arrangements or discounts?
We have drawn up some special arrangements for our guests:
- Aqualandia Discount – special discount on the price of an admission ticket for Aqualandia, Italy’s largest water park.
- Sea Life Discount – special discount on the price of an admission ticket for the Sea Life aquarium. 
Do you offer a bike hire service?
Our guests can rent bicycles for enjoyable outings to Jesolo and the surrounding areas from the shop named Butterfly, located just outside the Hotel's entrance. Discover Jesolo Ambient Bike!
Is it possible to wash or iron clothes?
Yes. We offer our guests a laundry service for all your items of clothing (except for socks and briefs) that need to be either dry-cleaned or washed in water. Everything is done with the utmost care and speed. Clothes are returned within 24 hours perfectly cleaned and ironed. Guests should use the appropriate bag and write the number of items to be washed and the room number on it. 
Do you offer room service?
Yes. Room service is available from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm.
What type of arrangements is it possible to book?
The Hotel Eden offers rates for a room with breakfast or half board (with breakfast and evening meal). 
What do I do if, in addition to the evening meal, I want lunch as well?
This sort of full board arrangement is not available. However, for those looking for a midday meal, we recommend the Al Revés restaurant/prosciutteria (ham restaurant) (ham restaurant) immediately opposite the hotel and with which we have a special arrangement. This is a service that you can choose to take advantage of on a day-to-day basis. If you ask at Reception, they'll be happy to reserve a table for you at special prices. 
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